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Community Manager



With the beautiful fall season upon us, it’s hard not to think about the things that make us feel good at this time of the year. Things like: outdoor activities with the family, food creations, diving into a freshly cracked open book, taking the dogs out for a walk, or enjoying a favourite warm beverage with a friend.


No matter what you get up to, your well-being is personal and unique to you. So get out there and enjoy everything the fall season has to offer. Looking for some inspiration? Here are a few ways to enjoy the best of everything this time of the year brings.


  • Gather some friends and enjoy a walk in your favourite park
  • Pack a nutritious lunch and enjoy an afternoon outside at your favourite go-to outdoor space
  • Visit a local farm or fruit orchard and pick up a few fresh goodies to enjoy over dinner at home
  • Take a drive in the country and take in the beautiful fall colours
  • Get your garden ready for the spring – take some time to plant your favourite bulbs
  • Think about what you’re most thankful for and spread some gratitude around to those you love
  • Try your hand at a seasonal recipe that is comforting and warm

What are a few ways you're enjoying the best of everything this time of the year brings? Share them in the comments below.