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Community Manager
Community Manager

It’s around this time of year that we start to shift gears into holiday mode. Halloween has been done for a while, and the last of the leaves have fallen from the trees. As fall wanes, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season are just around the corner. For many, the arrival of Black Friday signals the start of the shopping season, where gifts for our loved ones are bought and sold. The frenzy is weathered so that we can bestow upon those we hold dear their most coveted objects, and witness their jubilation as packages are opened. This year, though, for all of us, it’s going to be a little bit different than it has been in the past.



Many Canadians won’t be spending the holidays with their families this year, and are trying to figure out how to remain close to their loved ones despite the distance imposed between them. In many cases, there are towns, provinces, and even continents between them. Luckily, we’ve had the better part of a year to prepare for this, and many of us have devised creative ways to bridge the gap.


Whether it’s coming together as a virtual online choir, for a virtual happy hour, or for just an old-fashioned video conference with friends and family, we have all relied on our internet connectivity more than ever, be it via our rapidly-expanding PureFibre network or connected phone or tablet on our world-class mobile network.


As our digital connectivity needs have increased, so too has the need for our devices to keep us connected, and for those connections to be as good as possible. I am several time zones away from my family, and I rely heavily on my services in order to keep in touch. I no longer use my aging laptop for calls with family, because my phone’s camera is so much better. And, to make sure that my loved ones can hear me properly, I definitely make sure to connect my headphones as well. It makes all of the difference, especially when there is any kind of background noise. This year, more than ever, I realized the value of having up to date equipment. It’s brought my family together when we otherwise couldn’t be.


For many, Black Friday is the time where we can ditch our aging electronics and replace them with speedy new devices. This year, more than ever, making sure that we’re able to have the best connection to our friends and family is something that TELUS is there to help with. Whether it’s through deep discounts on phones, amazing promotions on Gigabit PureFibre internet, or wireless earbuds bundled with select purchases, there are more ways than ever to stay close even when distant. I sure know I’ll be snagging some specials in the days to come.


What kind of fun ways have you found to keep in touch this winter? Please share your ideas in the comments below!