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Crave on TELUS - November 2021


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Hope everyone's doing well as the year winds down. If you're not aware, the Crave + Movies + HBO package on Optik TV is amazing, and it's the easiest way to check out all the new must-see HBO and Showtime series, amazing Crave originals, and of course the newest Hollywood blockbusters. While you wait for that next movie to drop, you can get caught up on the almost endless catalogue of classic HBO series like Billions, The Handmaid's Tale, and Game of Thrones. You can also watch everything via On Demand, online, and through the Crave app. How awesome is that?


Let's check out what great new stuff is headed our way in November, as well as what I'm currently rewatching!


Coming To Crave in November


  • November 7 - Dexter: New Blood
    • The long awaited new season of the classic serial killer story.
  • November 18 - Star Trek: Discovery (Season 4)
    • The new season of sci-fi adventure in the rebooted Star Trek universe.


Most Anticipated


Dexter: New Blood


Wow has this been a long time coming. The classic Dexter series was one of the shows that set the tone for binge watching. Dexter Morgan was a troubled character, though decent enough on the surface...doing what he could to help others and take care of his sister and coworkers. All the while, using all of his inner strength to keep his 'dark passenger' at bay. That feeling that compelled him to kill. The clever idea of a serial killer masquerading as not only a normal civil person, but as a member of a homicide task force hunting other killers, was undeniably great. Dexter was definitely not for the faint of heart, but the writing was fantastic, the humor sharp, and the twists and turns left you dying (see my theme here?) to see what happened next. Now, Dexter is back...




Set ten years after Dexter (again portrayed by the incredible Michael C. Hall) went missing amidst a massive hurricane, the new season finds him living under an assumed name in the small town of Iron Lake, NY. He's trying not only to hide but also to embrace a new life. After a terrifying series of unexpected events rocks his tiny community however, his 'dark passenger' once again calls to him.


Personally, the original Dexter remains one of my top series ever, and I've watched a lot. I too though am among the crowd that was unhappy with how the series ended, and feel that the writers were shoehorned into coming up with a quick 'let's just have this happen to wrap it all up' ending that never sat well with me. Hearing rumblings of another season to continue the story and right that wrong got me very excited, and it looks like this is the chance. With a lot of the original cast and writers returning, I'm sure this will do the story and characters justice and I can't wait to see what happens. Look for the first episode to drop on Crave November 7!



What I'm Watching Now


Crave is full of classic series that you may have always wanted to watch or binge's what I'm rewatching now!


SurrealEstate (Season 1)


Sometimes it's the lesser-known series that blow you away. Flying under the radar, not getting a ton of publicity...but down the road viewed as criminally underrated. Shows such as the incredible Canadian noir detective thriller Cardinal come to mind, and the incredible SurrealEstate is another. This horror/drama/comedy series is spooky, funny, well written, and sometimes so over the top that you'll be hooked from the start. Real estate agent Luke Roman (Tim Rozon) is ruthless and great at his job. Namely, selling houses that are haunted. Other agents dare not touch these houses, but that just means it's an easier sale for Luke, as he does what he can to deal with the spirits that dwell in the properties he's desperately trying to convince unsuspecting families to buy.




The premise alone is worth your time, and having just finished the first season, I had a blast. There are definitely some serious Beetlejuice vibes here and I've always been a huge fan of horror shows and movies that also have a real sense of humor. Watching Luke deal with the ghosts inside the homes he's selling is as hilarious and scary as you can picture, and this series is great at keeping those Halloween season vibes rolling into November. All 10 episodes are available for streaming on Crave now and I highly recommend it!




Let me know if you plan on watching something new or if there's something you're hooked on right now in the comments below!


ICYMI: Not subscribed yet? No problem! You can add the Crave + Movies + HBO package to your Optik TV experience at any time! Find out more here!