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Christmas movies are the best. Sure, I enjoy all kinds of movies like anyone else but there's always something about Christmas themed movies that's comforting to watch. Sure, some are a bit more intense like Die Hard (we've been through's a Christmas movie) but the classics and modern comedies are always a blast to watch with loved ones. Whether it's a new NETFLIX holiday movie, something you haven't seen since you were a kid, or that one movie your family seems to want to watch year in and year out...there's nothing better. It's definitely a great way to spend time with your family over the holidays.


I wanted to share some of my favorite holiday movies as well as a newer release that I think you may enjoy a lot. So make sure you're stocked up on your favorite holiday snacks and the egg nog is on tap...and let's get to the recommendations!








Jingle All The Way


Talk about a Christmas classic. Yes it's probably safe to consider it a classic as it's now officially been a whopping 25 years since this movie came out. And what a fun time it is. Jingle All The Way stars Arnold Schwarzenegger as a workaholic and comedian Sinbad as a manic postal worker...two rival fathers, both desperately trying to find the last Turbo Man action figure for their sons. See, both of them have made the mistake of waiting until the day before Christmas to buy one. Like any parent knows however, that's way too late for the hottest toy of the season.


Hilarity ensues as both men scramble to find the toy and not disappoint their children, and the journey it takes them on is fantastic. This movie is not only hilarious (and relatable for us parents) but over-the-top and also great for the entire family to watch. Arnold brings his staple one-liners throughout, and kids will love the antics they both get into. Definitely worth putting on your watch list this season.










The Nightmare Before Christmas


Tim Burton's stop motion classic is one of my favorite holiday movies ever. While it's animated, this is definitely not for the real young ones due to some scarier scenes and simply due to it being a film with little humor or zany antics. That being said, it's indisputable that no holiday season is complete without a rewatch of this gem. Jack Skellington is the king of Halloween Town, loving his spooky life and friends when he accidentally stumbles into the foreign Christmas Town. Amazed by the sights and spirit, he becomes obsessed with celebrating the holiday and works to bring some of the festive spirit back to his drab, haunted home.


From the animation, to the characters and fantastic score and songs from the amazing Danny Elfman, The Nightmare Before Christmas is a wild time indeed. My favorite characters are the various residents of Halloween Town...Jack of course, but also his lovable ghost dog Zero, not to mention the evil Oogie Boogie and Dr. Finklestein. This movie is fantastic and worth checking out if you've never seen it. You'll be glad you did!








home alone 2.jpg


Home Alone 2: Lost in New York


Who doesn't love the first two Home Alone movies? Nobody, that's who. Both of these holiday classics are great in their own ways, and while everyone always talks about the first one...I've always loved the sequel just as much. Home Alone 2: Lost in New York hits on many of the same hilarious notes as the first, but definitely ramps up the laughs and antics. The McAllister family once again takes off for a vacation, this time to Miami, but a mix-up at the airport inadvertently leads Kevin (Macaulay Culkin) to board the wrong plane! While the family heads to Miami...he's off to New York City!


Also now in the Big Apple are the antagonists from the first movie...Harry and Marv (played once again by the hilarious Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern) who have escaped from prison and are now in NYC looking for the next big score. Of course, their paths cross and Kevin must once again flee from their clutches and use his wits to outsmart the bandits once and for all. Both of these movies are great to watch during the Christmas season, and the kids will love the craziness that ensues, while adults will find that nostalgia runs deep. This movie held up well, and is still a great way to kick back and enjoy one of those colder nights. Highly recommended!









A Boy Called Christmas


NETFLIX is known for always having a few new great original Christmas movies every year and 2021 is no different. This movie looks magical, and I can't wait to check it out. Based on the popular children's book of the same name, A Boy Called Christmas tells the origin story of Santa Claus. Told through a wonderful adventure he has as a young boy, we get to all see just how Santa gets his name!


I'm definitely a fan of movies that put a unique spin on classic stories, and this looks to be another great example. From flying reindeer, to doing battle with giant ogres, this is sure to be a fun watch. Rest easy parents! While there are some fantastical scenes, the aforementioned ogres, and a few other surprises...this is definitely family friendly. The ogre really isn't all that bad! Be sure to check it out streaming anytime on NETFLIX, and enjoy the holidays!




What are your go-to Christmas movies? Let me know in the comments!