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TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

On any given day our team members go above and beyond for our customers in sometimes unimaginable and creative ways.


Check out these amazing examples:

  1. Chiller thriller in Edmonton: Precision and no room for error. Those are two terms that come to mind when thinking about the Mission Critical Environments team. Day in and day out, they manage the power, heating, and cooling for central offices, data centres, and other important facilities throughout Canada. Sometimes that means replacing big pieces of equipment. So big in fact, that the team had to build special cranes to lower this huge chiller that was so heavy; if done wrong or the winds picked up just a bit, it could have cracked the whole skyscraper. Thankfully the team prepared for weeks and lowered it without a problem so the new chiller could be installed and provide cooling for decades to come!

    image (6).png|
  2. Warding off the quarantine blues with binge-watching: As people across the country and world went into lockdown, screen time became a healthy and calming escape for many of us. Whether it was saving the “good” TV to watch with a partner, a streaming party to watch a movie with friends, or a bit of cartoon to distract the kids during an important meeting–entertainment brought on whole new importance. During the first lockdown, viewership exploded to the point that daily peak usages were the same as the highs we see at Super Bowl–every day for weeks! Optik TV Command Centre (pictured) helped keep millions of households tuned in at record levels for weeks and months is no small feat. While it’s thanks to many, a group of dedicated folks on our Future Friendly Home Services DevOps team staffed our Command Centre and ensured smooth viewing for subscribers.



  3. Faced with flooding Fort McMurray and Fort Vermilion know they can depend on our team: Fort McMurray and Fort Vermilion are no strangers to the devastating power of nature. This past spring, ice damming caused immense flooding that forced 13,000 people to evacuate and damaged over 1,200 buildings and homes. our Customer Network Implementation team, one of many teams that partnered with first responders and the municipalities, went above and beyond with restoration efforts in the area, replacing 1,200 power pairs, overhauling more than 700 TELUS field assets, repairing more than 190 businesses affected by damages, and much more.



  4. Wading in with both feet to save connectivity: This summer, our very own technicians within Customer Network Support, received notice that two remote service cabinets out of Lac La Biche, Alberta had lost connection and 149 customers were left without service. Arriving on-site, they found that unprecedented overland flooding had caused the repeater cabinets to be submerged in water. Quickly engaging Cable Assurance, they decided the best way to resolve the issue was to dry out the submerged repeaters and replace them with water-tight versions. Working together in waist-deep water, our Assurance technicians were able to restore services to our rural customers, including the entire Metis settlement of Kikino.



  5. Saving virtual Thanksgiving from vandals: Early Thanksgiving Monday, two fibre distribution hubs were vandalized in Surrey and Vancouver. The vandal cut every fibre connection in each hub, resulting in hundreds of customers without Internet over the holiday. Normally a serious issue, this was catastrophic during virtual holiday celebrations. Our Customer Network Support team members rushed to the scene, replaced the splitter modules, and reconnected services for our customers in record time. Unbelievably, all customers were restored by the early afternoon. Unfortunately, cable theft and vandalism can happen at any time but our team is behind the scenes ready to spring into action and proactively changing policies to help.



  6. Crashing our customers’ connectivity: The day before Halloween, customers lost service after a vehicle crashed into a service cabinet in Beaver Lake, Alberta (don’t worry no one was injured). Our Customer Network Support team was first to the scene to assess the damage. Quick thinking helped these technicians temporarily restore service by propping the cabinet back up, powering the cabinet with a portable generator, and making swift repairs. Our team managed to source a working, but empty, cabinet from a nearby town, which the local techs then commissioned to permanently restore service. Thanks to our team our customers experienced minimal outage time despite the seriousness of the damage.