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living well companion fails again- l

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Father tested a fall scenario as part of my effort to convince him to wear the Living Well wrist button. Dad - pushed button on wrist. The  companion box  said "calling for help" red light flashed on the box, green light on the wrist button. Then  Light on box flashed green and continued to flash green.   No answer from Box to ask if he was ok as I had promised him would happen.

The living well companion did not respond and fooled dad into thinking he should be waiting for help by saying "calling for help"  when in fact it was doing no such thing. 

After 10 minutes of silence from the bos,  I called technical support- waited 20 minutes at 10pm for response.The night music didn't reilieve my stress at this point.

Tech support  said the box at dads house was not responding to their tests, even though the light on if flashed green.

Tech said sorry for the inconvenience.  We will send a new box to arrive in 6 days to a week!!!!

In the mean time, if dad falls , tough luck for us.

Amazon can get items to us in 1 day or less, Telus  takes over a week for a device that is supposed to keep seniors safe?  Does telus give a hoot about Living Well ?  We are located in Kingston, not somewhere in the mountains, I would think that a Living Well box would be a  priority, apparently not so. Looking for a better company.  



Community Manager
Community Manager

@johncust This is very troubling to read. I'd like to get to the bottom of it for you. I've sent a private message your way to learn more. Thanks!