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Smart Home App - Unexpected Error

Just Moved In


Anyone having issues with their Smart Home App? As soon as I open it I get a message saying "An unexpected error occurred. Please try again." Can't get past this screen even when I reboot. 


When I login using my desktop it brings up a screen that says I need to change my password. When I create a new password the system says I don't have access to do this. 


This is urgent for me as I need to access a video clip related to a crime. 


Just Moved In
I’ve been getting the same

Neighbourhood Alum
Neighbourhood Alum

Hi @Ferrari, can you try to clear your browser history and try again?  I suggest you try from your computer first then if this works you can remove and install the app again with the credentials you have.  

Just Moved In
Did you find a solution to this? I have been trying to get on the app for 3 days