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Why was a Video NOT taken after my Doorbell was rung?


On my cell phone, I received a notification that my doorbell was rung. I then connected to my "Live Feed" and watched (but did NOT communicate with) a woman banging on my door and looking through the window beside the door. After about 10-15 seconds of this she spotted the Security panel (with red lights)  and then turned and ran to a waiting car that proceeded to speed away VERY fast.


When I went to check the "Saved" Videos there was none for this incident.


I checked "Activity" and saw that the doorbell was pushed at 09:20 a.m but there was NOT an Activity titled "Doorbell: Video Doorbell Call Recording Schedule".


What was VERY strange was later that morning at 11:56 the doorbell was pressed again I watched the Post Office leave a message for me to pick-up a package. This time there WAS an Activity for "Doorbell: Video Doorbell Call Recording Schedule" and I was also able to view and watch that video.


Any thoughts as to why the 09:20 a.m. incident was NOT recorded?


Note: I tried to use the Chat Assistant to report this but it just sent me a link on Security. I waited almost an hour to speak to a Technician (after Telus said it would be a 15 minute wait) but eventually gave up and hung up.



Frustrated and Concerned Neighbour Tim


Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Have you checked out the support article to view/manage clips here:

Yes. I did.

There is a pattern with this issue.

After the Arm Away is set, the FIRST time the doorbell is pushed the System does NOT make a recording. After that each time the doorbell is pushed it makes a recording.

If you check my Activity you’ll see this behaviour.

I suspect this may be systemic.


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Gotcha. I'll send you a private message to discuss further!

I have same issues all the time as well. I get an alarm message on my email but when I go back into the recording - nothing was recorded

Your best bet would be to reach out directly to our SmartHome Security team at 

1-855-255-8828 so they can troubleshoot!

Same issue here! Get a notification on my email but when linked to the clip it’s not there at all.

the short answer...because the doorbell camera they provide with this service is a piece of garbage. when someone rings my doorbell it will chime (i think from the hardwired chime, and then sometimes from its own system chime), pretty much never indicates to phone or admin panel that there is someone at the door or when it does the delay is ridiculous, the video image quality is utterly poor and especially at night where it's basically taking an image of my brick wall on porch more than anything else. and it intermittently decides not to record people (I always wonder if those people have stealthy ninja creep talents)