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Video device not working - Telus tech is overseas




I have reached out to TELUS on 2 occasions now; on hold for over 5 hours. My app keeps losing connection with the camera. The first time I was able to access my camera by changing my password and using to access the camera. Now it is doing the same thing again. TELUS wants to charge me $150.00 to come out and repair it. I said NO. A technician is calling me back from overseas (yes don't think you are dealing with people in Canada). They might be able to call tonight around 530-6 but cannot guarantee anything. I just want someone to troubleshoot on the phone with me to get this working but I can't get anyone to help me. At this point I wish I went with Shaw but just recently signed up for cheaper internet with a 2 year contract. 😞


Hi there - I believe the $150 technician fee is only applicable if the issue is not related to us so I understand your hesitancy. 


Regarding your camera issue, is this an outdoor camera or an indoor one? What internet speed do you have?