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Telus Telephone Boxes in my backyard?


There are 2 of these Telus Telephone Boxes sitting in our backyard over 20 years Telus Telephone Boxes.jpg


and we would it to be removed. Not sure they are still functional or not because there are wires going underground. I've attached picture of these 2 units. Please advise as to what department of Telus I can talk to. Thanks.


@Hampton  Do you have underground power and tel to your house. The boxes are always on right of way in alley or even front of house. 

Hi thanks for your reply. As for the power there is a transformer sitting on the front lawn. The 2 grey boxes are locating at my back yard. May be Telus can send their techs over and check if they are alive or dead. If it's still alive, then they should think of how to re-locate them and if it's dead, then better remove it.


@Hampton Those are major junction boxes. They would be on right of way not moveable If they were on your property there would be a easement notation on your property title. Very rare for that. You could go to city office an look up your property and the subdivision will show things. Big  $ to move this . Looks like large pipe in ground 4 inch ?  hundreds of wires in it.

Thanks for the info. The sticker got Telus name on it. 20 years I have never seen anyone comes by to check it out or do any maintenance on it. You can see the bottom of the boxes clearly get rusty.
As a curiosity, what would happen if the box got knocked down accidentally?

@Hampton  Hit by car  the area around there --- no telephone------internet-------- could be days to repair it. It might be a large area also. People have medical life lines ------ security services  ---- and other things.  Could be really bad for some people who depend on the services on the wires.