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question regarding the green boxes in the neighborhood

Just Moved In

Hi, we are trying to buy a house and have found a couple of green boxes with the Telus name on them. Those boxes are located literally on the lot area (backyard) but still outside the fence. We are concern about the boxes: what is the purpose of those? Are they safe to live nearby or not? Is there any magnetic field (wavelength) that can be potentially dangerous from them. Are they noisy and huge? Curious if someone has any idea about it. Appreciate every feedback.



@clayman2000  The boxes are safe they are junction areas for all the houses in the subdivision. All electronics things have some magnetic field  tv--- cellphone --- computer screen ---- microwave ---- and other things. The boxes are on right of way not on your lot. Underground power is in the same trenches as the telephone and cable with a  transformer somewhere nearby that will hum.