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Business security camera repairs plus add new cameras

Just Moved In

I am in Calgary, we have Telus business security cameras installed, we also have one camera that is 7 months old has died and we need to add more cameras.

I am unable to find a number in Alberta to call to replace the camera and also add more cameras.

I tried the listed numbers on the web pages and it takes me to the very noisy call centers in Asia. Three times I get transferred, wasted 45 minutes of time and achieved zero results. 

I also spent time on the live chat, another total waist of my time, only to waist more time talking to another computer. My cat will actually give me more intelligent responses than you your automated voice recognition system.

The internet should not be used to avoid your customers and send them down rabbit holes when all they are trying to do is spend more money and fix some of your equipment that you installed and we pay for.

Can someone from Telus provide me a contact number so that their customer can add more cameras to  their security system and perhaps at the same time repair the one failed camera. 






Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. The main number for our SmartHome Security team is 1-855-255-8828.