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Telus Promotion Scam?

Just Moved In

Hi Everyone,


"Telus" has called me multiple times with a promotion for a Cell plan and new cell phone. 


I signed up thinking it was legit, but now not sure.  They asked for my CC number and drivers license number but after thinking about it for a couple of hours I decided I must have been scammed.  I cancelled my credit card and called Telus and the tech put in a fraud investigation.  This was two days ago and still haven't heard back.  Plus getting anyone on the phone is an ordeal as you are on hold for over an hour everytime!


I asked for an email of the promotion and this is what they sent me.  



They all calling me from the number 1-866-558-2273 and 1-844-372-1829 which seem to be Telus numbers but I am not sure if they are spoofing them somehow?


The guy just called again and wants a text code from my phone.  I never gave it too him and I ended the call.  He says my account was in maintenance for them to facilitate the order.


So confused!


Any help would be appreciated.






@shendricks This for shure a scam .

Just Moved In

Thanks.  I was just unaware that they could spoof Telus phone numbers when calling.  How can we trust any calls from Telus now?

Community Power User
Community Power User

A number of clues in the email image indicate it is a scam:

  • The return email address is not a domain.
  • There are a number of misspellings, suggesting the screed has not been proofread.
  • The price is 55$ rather than $55

Each of these are flags you can use in any situation to confirm. You can, of course call Telus or Telus outlets directly to confirm deals, but if they are too good to be true…


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