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Telus Call: Potential Scam or No Big Deal?

Just Moved In

Over the last year or so, every couple months I receive a call claiming that they are from Telus. They confirm my name and address (I never gave it to them), and claims that they do not see any Telus Services at my location. Thing is, we have been Telus Customers for years and I let them know that; this includes Phone, Internet, TV, and Security. Afterwards, they say that they are going to update their maps and it ends there.

They don't seem to be promoting anything or asking for anymore information (name and address they knew already). Is this an authorized Telus call or should I be worried? Thing that tips me off is that they have this 'map' they update after each call but the next call still doesn't reflect that I am a customer and updates the 'map' again. Any thoughts is welcome. Thanks!


PS. They have called maybe 3-5 times



@soloj  someone is fishing ----- report  phone number to telus --- then block and forget it.

Community Manager
Community Manager

@soloj It's tough to tell if this is legitimate though @polecat is right in that it sounds fishy. As with any unsolicited call, never give out your info or confirm anything. You can let them know you'll call TELUS yourself and find our number on our official website. If we've called you in an official capacity, it will be noted on your account.