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TELUS follow-up via text message

I got a text message earlier asking me to rate the support service I got via a phone call with a representative.
These normally come in an email. I didn't respond I reported it to the Canadian AT&T spam number.
I just got a reminder text that I had not completed my rating... Which I have no intention of doing when I cannot verify the number that it's coming from.
The representative I spoke to told me she was in the Philippines. I told her I would give her a good review.
For me this is highly unusual intrusive and bordering on rude; sending text messages asking for a rating and when it's ignored or forwarded to a spam agency, sending me another one to remind me I haven't done that as if it's my job to tell you how your employees are doing ....for the amount of money I pay it shows a complete disregard for the value of for my time.
Anybody have any ideas about this? Thanks

Send me a message if you have any further questions 🙂

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Hi Kemble - this is standard practice if you have your phone number linked with us. Our system detects after you've spoken to us and sends you a text message so you can rate the agent.


In the same topic of spam - sending a link over email is also a good way to be a victim of phishing so I believe the switch was done as to not force customers to follow a link. Over our text message system you simply respond back with a number from 1-5 and then the text asks you for any comments that you wish to share so there is clickable link being sent.


Hope this clears things up!

Great. Thanks I haven't deleted the message. It came from 737834 without a Telus logo or anything embedded in the display.

Send me a message if you have any further questions 🙂

Thanks. I did the review