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TELUS Online Security - Legit Promotion?

Just Moved In

Recently I received an email telling me to set up TELUS Online Security, which I believe was added without my authorization. I submitted a support request to @ TELUSsupport but did not hear back, so I requested a callback through TELUS Assist. I received a call from 1-855-255-8828 shortly after. The person on the line self-identified as a TELUS agent answering my callback. I googled the number and it seems to be a legit number. During our conversation, he said the Online Security was a promotion and would self-terminate three months if I don't activate it. I followed up with @ TELUSsupport on Twitter and still haven't heard back. I have two questions:

- Was this legit? Or was it a scam? 

- Why was this package added to my account without my authorization?


Just Moved In

I received a reply from TELUSsupport. "I have noticed that you were sent an email regarding TELUS Online Security. However, that is just an invitation to set it up - it hasn't been added to your account, so there is no need to worry." I wish they made it clear in the email that this was the case, as it looked like a standard follow-up email to activate a new service. The service was also showing up in My Telus as well. Anyway, to answer my question, this turns out to be legit, but Telus could have definitely handled it better.

Glad to hear it was sorted and not a scam of any sort.