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Reuse existing QOLSYS panel with Telus Smart Home




I have an existing QOLSYS panel with my last home security provider.

With my new plan with telus, I am not eligible for a panel as I am trying to reuse the existing sensors and cameras.


Is there a way That I can re-configure the Qolsys panel from the old provider to Telus.


Please advise.




@enb54 - Looking for your advice on this.

Only if your master control is an IQ4 and your remote wireless panels are the QW9104-840 then most likely yes!  In order to be compatible, the IQ Remote must be a part number QW9104-840. The following instructions are copied from a previous post...


After correctly connecting power and following the instructions for IQ Panel 2 connecting you’ll likely find that your remote won’t connect to the IQ Panel 4, so here’s what I did to resolve the issue. You will need to access “Installer” mode

  • In the WIFI “Advanced” menu turn off “Band Steering” after you enter your WIFI credentials and set WIFI to 2.4 GHz only.
  • After you select the “IQ Remote Devices” select “TEST” button on the IQ Panel 4, then select “TEST” on the IQ 2 Remote.
  • After “TEST” has run the devices are ready to “PAIR” so select “PAIR” on the IQ Panel 4 and then select “PAIR” on the IQ 2 Remote.
  • They will start to synchronize and the IQ 2 Remote will start to download a patch to bring it up to the latest software (v 4.3 in my case) issue.
  • It will take some time (about 15 minutes in my case) but the IQ 2 Remote will finally power off and then back on again, and when it stops rebooting, it will be connected (paired) with the IQ Panel 4
  • In the WIFI “Advanced” menu on the IQ 2 Remote, turn off “Band Steering” and select 2.4 GHz, then return to the main menu, you are done with pairing!
  • You can the change the name(s) for your remote(s) using the IQ Panel 4 in “Installer” mode.

Sorry, the software release patch is 4.2, NOT 4.3...

Thank you for the details.

However, I just have one panel P/N - QS9208-5208-124

not sure how to proceed in that case.

I was unable to Google locate a panel QS9208-5208-124 but discovered QS9207-5208-124 which is a Qolsys panel 2/2+ which is manufacturer discontinued but the installation manual for it is at the Qolsys site. It appears that the master panel you have has similar technical specifications as the IQ4 master panel I have, part # IQP4020-TEL, but you would only know for sure if you could get it to connect via bluetooth to your TELUS modem then to their (TELUS) alarm control centre. To do that you'd need to get TELUS to try to connect using your existing control panel so a TELUS employee would have to be at your home to attempt this. If that didn't work then likely you'll be buying the TELUS IQ Panel 4. Unfortunately when moving to another alarm provider your equipment must be compatible or like me, you'll experience "sticker shock" and some other issues, likely because of employee unfamiliarity with your equipment vs the TELUS supplied/supported parts.