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Plans Expiring and no communication


I have been a Telus customer since 2019. My monthly bill was $103


My plan expired and Telus raised the bill to $189 and did not think to inform me by email or by phone. I think that is some pretty shady customer service for a long time client.


I am currently on hold for 54 minutes so far, and will be voicing my concerns of the customer support offered. Why do you not care about existing customers and only care about new ones? 


Community Power User
Community Power User

I believe there is usually some communication in the monthly statements near the end of the term. Normally it's a good idea to write down the contracts you're in so you're aware when they expire. No company has the resources to call every single customer to tell them their contract is up and I doubt most customers would want an unexpected email advertising new packages. Telus isn't allowed to start you on a new contract without your permission either. 


Complaining to customer service will not serve any purpose besides taking up more time on the call. There's nothing the front line workers can do about it. People complaining or venting is one of the biggest things that leads to long call times to begin with. 

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I have received multiple calls for Telus home security and every time I say I am uninterested. That says people are available to call customers.

I think it would be simple to have an automatic email that generates when a customers contract would be expiring.

Why would I want to continue to have an automatic monthly charge placed on my card when Telus ups my bill by almost double without informing their customers?

I assume Telus wants it's customers to have auto payments so avoid late/missing payments yet upping the bill by almost 50% does not inspire confidence in your customers.

I spent since 11:24am waiting and talking to Telus representatives, it would also help to allow telus phone line representatives to have less customers aka less wait time aka less angry customers.

I enjoy your internet, but the wait times are ridiculous to talk to a human.