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Legit D2D?

Just Moved In
Were there legit D2D representatives in the area of L9T8G2 today May 3rd around 5:30-6pm? I had 3 guys come to my door at 5:47. Another post said they only operate 9-5. I was eating dinner and when I said I was going back to it, they just kept going. Why do they think their time is more important than mine?

Community Manager
Community Manager

I reached out to our field manager and was advised that we do have a team in that area. Of course with limited info, we can't speak to if this particular visit was legitimate, but our team is there. As for the points of the time as well as there being 3 reps, D2D teams do work up to 9pm local time and sometimes if there's a new trainee they'd be shadowing tenured agents. Usually though it's a single knocker, and teams also do relap an area if there was no response from the first round and may return at a different time to see if the customer would then be home.


There always is the option of adding your address to their Do Not Knock List to stop subsequent visits. If you'd like that, reply here and let me know and I can send over a private message to get your address and info, etc.


Yes I would like to be removed from D2D list please.


Sounds good, I'll send you a private message.

I also need my parents to be on your do not call list. Shambolic I was standing out of view and whilst one knocker at 20:30 wanted to know if my parents had a security system, who their cell phone provider was and how much they paid. This is all privileged information which Telus or their contractors cannot phish out of people on their doorstep. Get lost.