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Doorbell camera recordings


Hello. Recently signed up for the Telus home security and got the doorbell camera. Couple of questions.


1. Why is the recording only 30 seconds?


2. When I play back the recording, the first 15 seconds has no motion detection but yet it records. That means it now leaves just 15 seconds of actually seeing something being recorded. There is a setting I found to uncheck this setting "Enable pre-trigger recording" BUT it continues to record the first 15 seconds. Very frustrating, is there a way to actually have the full 30 seconds of motion detection recording???



How do I enable pre trigger recordings, and where do I find this setting?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Hello. Enable pre-trigger recordings should be roughly 2-4 seconds before the trigger, not 15 seconds. If it is 15 seconds, and also if unchecking that doesn't stop it entirely, you should reach out to our SmartHome team directly at 1-855-255-8828 so they can investigate and/or look into troubleshooting that with you!

I would love to call the number and when I did it says that it will be over 1hr of wait I hanged up. Are they that busy or there is just not enough staff to field calls? I will try again first thing early in the morning to see if I actually get someone live in a timely manner. 

How do I adjust this? Where do I find this?

How do I enable pre trigger recordings, and where do I find this setting?