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Door to door sales

Just Moved In
We had a sales person come to our door to promote Telus home security. It was a package and deal we were actually interested in. My son suddenly became sick this week and I am unable to make the decision about the security system at this moment. I told the sales person this MULTIPLE times. I left a note on my front door that I wasn't going to be home and to not knock because it sets my dog off. He actually TRACKED ME to my son's bus stop and then became annoyed with me when I wasn't able to commit to a meeting with him to sign up for the service. The issue is, we are actually very interested in the promotion they were offering, but I'm not not inclined to sign up because of this particular sales person's attitude. I don't know who else to contact but I would still like to take advantage of this promotion, but through a different representative.


@Allymich77  Get this persons name employee number and report to telus. You can make your decision in the future maybe go to a telus store. Promotions come and go DO NOT RUSH INTO THIS. If he comes back get name and report to the RCMP FOR HARRESSMENT. 


That's not acceptable behaviour from any sales representative. I would definitely report them once you get their name and ID number. You can message @TELUSsupport over Twitter or Facebook with the details via a DM/Private message so that they can launch an investigation into this agent's unacceptable behaviour.


In regards to the promotion and offers, you can setup a call back directly from the TELUS site via this page and a TELUS home security expert will call you and go over options with you.