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Why can I not view on demand shows of TLC?  Is there a way to record shows if they are not included on demand?  or is a higher package needed to be able to view?  I'm not liking Pik TV that much if I can't see all the programs at a different time rather than live.  I need to change something if this isn't possible.  I just don't know what I need to change.

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I can view the on demand content from TLC through PikTV without issue. There is a list of shows to choose from. The thing to keep in mind about most channels is that they will not have every single past episode available. They typically will not have every show available on demand either. Most Bell channels only have a number of the more recent shows and episodes available on demand.


TLC also did a deal with Hulu in the US over a year ago. Since then there have been fewer shows available on demand in Canada. You can't even go on TLC's website and view the handful of shows there since it requires a US TV subscription. Hulu is US only also.


PikTV does not have recording capability. You would need Optik TV with a PVR for that. Optik TV also has the same titles available on demand for TLC that Pik TV does since that is determined by the broadcaster.

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Hi @Justcuz 


This was discussed in an old thread: 


To sum it up, there's a bug with the TLC on-demand content when the channel is first added. If you remove the channel and re-add it, this should solve the issue. You can log into and then beside Pik TV, click 'Manage' then 'add/remove channels'. Remove TLC, wait for confirmation, and then re-add it. This has worked for other users. Alternatively, you can try chatting in or calling if you have troubles with your My TELUS account.