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can I use pik on a sony/roku tv if I buy an apple or android tv box?

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I read all the back info and the tv my husband was gifted at Christmas is a Sony/Roku is apparently one of the smart tvs that can not be used directly with Pik tv.  I am wondering if it would be worth it to buy either an android or apple box to allow me to use Pik tv.  We already have Amazon Prime, Netflix, Curiousity Stream and Roku.  I just signed up for Pik without knowing that we would not be able to use it without a further box purchase and am attempting to decide if it is worth buying more equipment or if I should just cancel the Pik tv. 


Community Power User
Community Power User

I prefer a separate device for streaming. Haven't had experience with ROKU on a Sony TV. But others brands i have tried it on was clumsy and slow, compared to a stand alone box. I have pretty much used all streaming devices, my go to are the Nvidia shield, Google chromecast ($60) with Android  TV followed by apple tv (hate the remote). Roku i rarely use any longer, not a fan of the closed eco system.

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