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Pik TV playback error

Just Moved In

On my PC i randomly cannot watch Pik TV as it displays "Playback Error sorry an error has occurred please try again"


Rebooted the PC many times , its random sometimes works sometimes not


Very frustrating I pay for this service


Note on my Pixel phone it works all the time


Community Power User
Community Power User

Is this post about the same issue you are having?


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Just Moved In

I have this same problem on my iPad.  Since the new app was downloaded I only receive a playback error and can’t use Telus PikTV at all on this device.  It works on my phone and using a Chrome Browser on my laptop.  It worked flawlessly before the application was “upgraded”.  It’s not a connection issue - the new App is full of bugs.  It works intermittently has an app on my AppleTV - today video has decided its not streaming but audio works (and works with every App on my appleTV except TelusTV+