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sync new telus box with panasonic tv/

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I cannot get telus remote to turn on or turn off tv. Also no volume control. The guide is too big and cannot see the whole guide on screen. I have tried all telus suggestions and no luck. It seems the remote cannot pair up with tv when using search mode to find code. The box is a new arris 4k box and the new slimline 2 remote. The tv is an older Panasonic 42 inch screen 



Have you tried manually programming any of the codes for Panasonic? My Panasonic TC-P50S30 worked with code 1201.


Here is the full list of codes:

Thanks for trying but i used all the codes that Telus showed plus 2 more and none worked. Also tried the code 0029 and it was supposed to find the right code, that never worked either. Can i use a box from another tv and try that or are they coded to a certain tv.

Community Power User
Community Power User

No, the set top boxes are not coded to any particular TV. You can move them around as much as you like. You will either need to bring the remote associated with the set top box, or go through an un-pairing and re-pairing of the remotes, if you want to use a remote with a different STB.


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