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Using the new android tv box with the 4k boxes

Just Moved In
Hi all,

Just switched back to Telus after a couple years and we still had the old 4k pvr and receiver boxes back from 2020.

Now when the technician installed our service last week we set up the new TV box and asked if we can use those 4k boxes as well. So he hooked then all up and it worked, they registered successfully but now we noticed one problem. The 4k boxes are missing some of the core (essential) channels...about 20 or so.

The new box shows all of them correctly and the theme packs we chose work properly on all boxes but when trying to go to those missing core channels on the 4k boxes it says that we aren't subscribed to those. Which is obviously not right because those are included in any tv package.

Tried calling support and they had no clue, the tech support said we can't get them because we aren't subscribed to those channels which is not true...then they went us to customer care which couldn't do anything other than to try to get us to upgrade all boxes.

We specifically 2anted go keep the 4k boxes for the pvr and recording. I mean the 4k boxes are working's only missing a few channels so can't they just reprogram them or link to our new account? They're already working so I don't get why not. Any help would be appreciated!

Just Moved In
Sorry for the typos, can't seem to edit the post.
Also wanted to add that on the Telus tv+ App on my phone, all channels show up and no issues, so it's really only a problem on the 4k boxes.

Community Manager
Community Manager

That's definitely an odd one, for sure. @Optik-Kate is this an issue that you're aware of? When installing the new Optik equipment, but also installing older existing 4k boxes at the same time...some subscribed channels in the Core (formerly Essentials) pkg. aren't working on the older boxes?

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Idontknow, it sounds like you signed up with the latest TELUS TV+ digital box when you returned to TELUS. Does the new box look like the on in this link?


If you've signed on with the "new" box, the old 4K PVR/boxes cannot be used with the new box simultaneously. They are on two different systems on the backend and will result in discrepancies between your devices/accounts. I recommend giving our support another call and ask them to add Cloud PVR to your new box, this will allow you to record with the new box and share the recording to your other devices such as mobile/tablet. 

Have you tried to reboot the box? I know for Bell, this box might disable some channels if I modify the line-up and will be fixed after rebooting the sys or the box.