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Transferred From Shaw

Friendly Neighbour

I just switched over to Telus from Shaw. I wasn't aware that the cable box would be an android tv box. I hate the layout of the home screen, I hate having to allow/deny location, ad tracking, microphone, etc. No, I dont want to sign into my Google account so that I have a "personalized experience". I literally just want a cable box and nothing else. 


Is there any way to get a regular cable box instead of this slow, ad-pushing, bloatware-filled android box that eats up my wifi? 


Sadly, TELUS have chosen to ruin their TV services with this new Android box. In the age of fibre internet and the ability to offer higher quality products with less compression, they’ve chosen to release a product that has terrible picture quality and low reliability. Unless you currently have one of their Arris 4K boxes, you’re out of luck. Even the channels on the Arris boxes have degraded in quality over the past year. But “The Future is Friendly”, right?

Since my last post, there have been at least two times where the box wouldn’t play anything and was just buffering for ten minutes at least. I hate that the cable is reliant on the internet.

Tried to watch season 24 of Law and Order SVU last night and in the Telus OnDemand it only goes up to season 21. Amazon Prime had seasons 22-24 so I watched it on there instead. For me, on of the features of getting cable was that I could watch whatever the latest episodes/ seasons of shows I liked on OnDemand because they were usually there before any other platform but somehow that’s not the case any more.

How frustrating!

Honestly, you'd be much better off switching back to Rogers. You've got 30 days (??) I believe to cancel, or some decent amount of time before your locked in.


Maybe go back to Shawgers 

Friendly Neighbour
To be completely honest, it’s looking like that is going to be the solution.