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This Program Cannot Be Recorded

Just Moved In
So I get the pop-up on certain tv shows “ This Program Cannot Be Recorded”. I record other shows on the same Channel though…

This better be an error that telus can fix! It’s one of my favorite shows and I always recorded when I had Shaw.

Community Power User
Community Power User

You didn't mention which program specifically that you were having problems with, nor which channel it was on. Were you on the PVR trying to record the show or one of the non-PVR set top boxes? Were any other shows giving the same error?


There are a very small number of programs that the broadcasters specifically will not allow to be recorded but they are fairly rare to encounter.

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It was one of the Holmes shows on life network I think. I am on the PVR box attempting to record when the show is currently on. No other show on that channel gave me that error previously and no other channel at that same time frame was giving me errors. It was only that show on that channel.