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TelusTV-21T and sound issues


I recently switched over to the new TelusTV-21T boxes.  Now I am having issues with the boxes reducing the sound.  I have a Samsung TV.  When I use the samsung tv app on the actual tv, the sound is fine.  When I use the telus box, the sound is significantly lower.  How do I fix this?  It's frustrating.  I have to have the sound on at least 65 in order to hear it when using the telus box....when listning to something on the Samsung apps, I can hear very well at 10-15.


Anyone else having this issue?



I've tried rebooting the box many times.  It's also happening on a few other TVs using the same TelusTV-21T box.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

It sounds like the internal volume of the box is set too low. You'll want to unpair the remote from your TV so that the remote can directly control the boxes volume instead of the TV, increase the volume of the box, and then re-pair the remote. 


To unpair:

1. Press and hold the Input and Back buttons for 3 seconds until the LED on your TELUS remote lights up solid green

2. Press OK and wait for the LED to flash green twice (the remote has now been unpaired from your TV)


To re-pair:

From the Home screen, navigate to Profile/SettingsDevice settingsRemotes & AccessoriesProgram Remote with TV and follow the steps on screen.


Full remote guide and instructions is here: 

I've completed the following steps and placed the boxes volume on max....when I resync the remote to the tv, the telus box volume decreases automatically again.

Friendly Neighbour

Same here.

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Paul97


A few questions so that our team can troubleshoot:


1. Is this across all apps (Netflix, Prime, Disney etc.) as well as Optik TV?


2. Does this happen across all HDMI inputs on your TV and do you have HDMI-CEC enabled? One possible issue could be that HDMI-CEC is auto-adjusting the volume, so you could try a non-CEC input or toggle HDMI-CEC off. 


3. What make/model of TV is it? There could be individual software settings on a given TV, as evidenced by the neighbour above.

For me it is

  1. All apps
  2. Both.  With and without HDMI-CEC
  3. Sony Bravia XBR-85X900F TV

Same for me. I'll just leave unpaired. Since switching to Telus, everything has been glitchy

I unpaired and paired the one problem box a few times and it makes no difference. We have 5 new TELUS TV digital boxes and only one of them is has the problem of really low sound. It's a Sony TV. 

I'm having same issue.


I'm having this problem too.

I tried again the other day. As soon as i reconnected the telus remote, the volume drops substantially. Back to using 2 remotes.