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Picture going dark on TV


We have been with Telus for years, but the issues are exhausting! (No sound or no picture.) We have only stayed because internet is better than Shaw in our neighbourhood. We even bought a new 55 in TV thinking it was the TV. We have been restarting equipment every few weeks for years. After many home visits, Telus said it was the PVR box. So we were given a new box (UIW8001) and a wifi booster. Our latest weekly issue is the picture going dark. We noticed it happened after watching the weather app. So our fix was go-to app, then to guide, then back to channel we were watching. No idea why that worked, not logical to me. Well, that stopped working and now I have to use the Telus Connect app to fix. The Telus app did note that the TV was on the weather channel (it wasn't). After unplugging the booster and then the box itself, picture comes back. I am so tired of years of restarting equipment. Any one else have the same issues? Is it the latest box we have thats causing it? The picture issues are new with this latest box. Thanks.



Community Manager
Community Manager

I hit up our product team to see if this can be replicated but so far no such luck. Can you try one of the following to exit out of the app to see if it helps:

  • Select Exit on the left side menu
  • Press the Back button twice on your remote
  • Press and hold the Exit button on your remote
  • Press Channel up or Channel down on your remote