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Telus Remote does not work if more than 2 ft away

Just Moved In

Customer has issues with telus remote control/stb. She needs to be at 2ft away to work perfectly, if she is more than 2ft, it does not work properly. She needs to press it multiple times before it works. We replaced the remote control 3 times but no go. We even replaced the STB but issue still persists. This has been happening years and unable to solve the problem. The stb is on a free space and nothing is blocking it from receiving the signal from the remote control. Any answers will be appreciated. Thank you!


If you've replaced the STB and the remote (and I assume batteries as well) then the issue might be the room. Perhaps there is IR interference. Is there an unusual source of light or is the STB close to a window?

In the summer the setting sun is at right angle to shine on my TV IR sensor and the remote response is spotty.


  Plasma tv's can cause interference if the ir receiver is to close.

I have 2 plasma TVs and haven't experrience any issues. One even has the Optik box tucked under it between the stand legs which is as close as you can get to the TV. It may depend on the actual model of TV.


According to this post putting a piece of masking tape of the IR receiver might fix it.