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TV Box Won't Set Up

Just Moved In

I received my Telus Digital Box yesterday in the mail. I grabbed it from the mailbox. I followed all instructions. Plugged the box into the TV via HDMI, plugged the box into the wall. The box has a light on, but is not connecting to the tv or pairing with the remote it was sent with. I tried a different HDMI cable, no luck. I tried a different TV, no luck. Tried a different power outlet, still didn't work. I unplugged the box and plugged it back in, still no. Tried to click the "factory reset" button in the back... still didn't work. I think they sent me a faulty box. Can someone please confirm this? I have been on hold for 20 minutes trying to speak to an agent about them sending me a new box...


Community Power User
Community Power User

Have you checked the HDMI input on the TV? Possibly you have it set to a different input than the box is plugged into.

Just a long time customer hoping to help.


What do you see on the TV?

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

If you can see the LED lit up, it isn't a power problem. What colour is the light? If it's blue, the box is in standby mode. You can press the glossy round button on the front to wake it up. If the LED is white, the box is powered on and you're likely on a different input, as @FuzzyLogic suggested. Grab your TV manufacturer's remote, and press the 'input' or 'source' button until your TV screen indicates that you're on the same HDMI input that the box is plugged into. Not all HDMI cables are created equally - please use the HDMI cable that came in your kit.


There are full set-up instructions at  


You plugged what into the wall? You do have a TelusTV-21T box. Did the techs come out and install internet and modem boxes? I thought it was weird that you get the box in the mail but the rest is installed by a Telus rep. I asked him why he did not bring the box too, He shrugged.