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TELUSTV-21T - Failed to record & deleted a scheduled (recording) program.


Just sat down to watch a program I set to record just yesterday and all I have is the "red circle" instead of an actual recording... I have had ghost recordings before with the 'red circle' but that's been in addition to the actual recording. This time no recording.



I had manually gone through the guide and set these four recordings individually as the 'Series Recording' cannot be relied on. I also double checked afterwards that the recordings appear in the schedule, which they were all listed.


The programs are for "The PGA Tour: Hero World Challenge" Golf Channel CH925 First, second, third and final rounds.


I believe the first recording should have been at 09:30 a.m. Thurs Nov 30th. No recording, just the red dot. I did do a power on/off of the STB and the ghost recording is no longer listed (in addition the 4 or 5 red circle ghost recordings have finally all gone.)


Second recording was scheduled for Friday Dec 1, 09:30 a.m.  'Round 2' this has disappeared from the recording schedule. I have once again manually added it, lets see if it actually records in the morning. (I'll update then)


Third round is Sat Dec 2, final round is Sun Dec 3rd. These both remained in my scheduled recordings.


I see the recordings are now 90 day retention and the guide lists New & Live my Version remains at 10.



wrong thread

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Some features do not require a version update to see, like the 90 days increase and the guide badges. But other fixes we implemented around recording will require the 11th version. In any case, I'll flag this thread to the team, but please let us know if the red circle still happens when you're on the 11th version. 

Kate, May be old news to some, but 11th version? I see 11 in version so assume that is what you mean. It may assist one other person to say system version  can be found system information, app version

Yes! The is what I meant, thank you Rocky!

Oh I will. I am currently using


It did record the second round as scheduled.


Add me to the list. I watched two recorded programs last night. Went to watch one tonight and they are gone, erased as are my scheduled recordings. I wish this made sense, or someone can explain why an update will wipe out what is in the cloud on your account. Sure gives you a warm and fuzzy if you are one that saves everything to the cloud in case your PC crashes.