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Subtitles for Netflix (CH.422) Not Working


There was a post about this issue before and I know there are others experiencing the same problem:


Channel 422 - Netflix


Play anything, press down arrow, choose English [CC] subtitles, and nothing happens although they are still checked off.


Toggle from English to Off or English to French, no change triggers the English subtitles.


Exit the video, exit Netflix, go back to channel 422 and play anything again, and maybe* the English subtitles will work.


For quite a few things on Netflix these days with portions in other languages, this should not be something I have to deal with. It also only seems to be an issue when using the Netflix app through the Telus TV box as using the app on any other system (ex. Playstation, Web browser, etc.) works quickly and without issues.


Please provide a solution whether it's a software update or something else, I don't believe this to be a network issue on my side but rather the communication between Telus and Netflix.


Thank you,




Community Power User
Community Power User

Netflix has requested in the past that users contact them directly as well to report issues. The more reports they get, the more Netflix will likely identify and fix the issue.

If you find a post useful, please give the author a "Like" or mark as an accepted solution if it solves your trouble. 🙂

I contacted Netflix, and the model of PVR that I have is not listed on their list of supported devices with features which is odd since they sometimes work:


List of Supported Models and Features:


Netflix asked that I reach out to the Vendor of the PVR which is not Cisco, but Technicolor/Megahertz:


It was provided by Telus as seen here:


So it becomes a question of who's area of responsibility does this fall under? I'll be reaching out to MegaHertz but this PVR plays Netflix and I can switch to alternate audio (languages) and subtitles (sometimes work).



Good solution instead - swapped the MegaHertz top-box for the one in my office which isn't connected to a TV but rather used for my computer's Ethernet connection. The subtitle changes are now seamless on the Cisco ISB7105. This is a good post for anyone in the same situation - since Netflix does not support that PVR, if you happen to have a different top-box from Telus that is listed under Netflix's list, use that instead. Even if it's an older version if you primarily use it for Netflix.