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Slimline 2 programming


Just got a new Slimline 2 to replace my Slimline 1.


Can't find a way to power just the TV and telus box without also powering my amp. I want to control volume/mute only on my Amp and have it stay on when I power off the tv/box.


Can you set it up so that it does NOT power the amp at the same time as the box and TV? Slimline 1 has an aux mode that does this; don't see an equivalent option on Slimline 2.


An hour today with tech support didn't help.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Sorry about that! We do have some instructions for programming amplifiers. While I can't guarantee it'll work, we can definitely give it a try. What brand of amp do you have?

It's an old Sony. Code 7103 is the only one of 0060, 0064, 0079 and the rest of the 7xxx numbers in the guide that works.


By works I mean volume, mute and power all work. The tech told me I should be able to program it to NOT power off/on with the tv, but I'm skeptical because I don't see a means for doing so given the mode button on the Slimline 1 has been replaced by the TV button.


Slimline 1 by default cannot turn everything off because you need to scroll to aux to turn off whatever is on that mode.



Community Power User
Community Power User

You might want to look at a 3rd party remote that offers macro functions. I have an old Logitech Harmony that allows me to do this but sadly it's been discontinued.


I've heard good things about this remote but don't have any experience with it:


SofaBaton U1 Universal Remote with OLED Display and Smartphone APP, All in One Universal Remote Cont...


Just a long time customer hoping to help.