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Setup secondary optic box without default router

Friendly Neighbour
Hi there,

I have a setup where I’m using a ubiquiti edge router and igmp-proxy forward etc without issue. One of the optic boxes fried and was sent a new one. I can’t move past the setup screen asking to sync wirelessly with default Telus router. I’m not in a position to take down our network and reset up the original router just to move past the screen. It’s hardwired into the network. Is there a key combo or something to skip this window.


When I switched from wireless to Ethernet on my Optik boxes I just plugged in the Ethernet cable and it connected. I think it should skip the WiFi setup if it gets an IP address off the Ethernet interface. Are you getting a link light on the Ethernet port?


What is your LAN subnet? I wonder if the Optik box is expecting a 192.168.1.xxxx address from DHCP.

Friendly Neighbour
Hi there,

I have a link light and an IP address.

The subnet

Now stuck on client initialization and failing