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Scheduling- Can someone explain to me...


Why, on the Golf Channel, there is supposed to be "Live from the US Open" (not on the schedule, but if I wasnt in Canada), but here in Canada all we are getting is a bunch of re-runs of junk programming.

Its infuriating. Theres no reason I can see for it.


Community Power User
Community Power User

That happens typically when an American channel doesn't have the broadcast rights in Canada for a certain show or event, and that the show or event is airing on another channel instead. NBC in this case has the US Open on most of the day and they are the parent company of the Golf Channel.

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I understand that. But in this case, Live at the US Open was on (in the States) before there was any US Open Coverage on in Canada.(on TSN). 

In the past it was never an issue. We would get Live at the Whatever even as there was early coverage on TNN or whatever it was.

Just pisses me off we miss out on coverage that we pay for.