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Recording never play back

Just Moved In

We have only had Telus for 2weeks now but have not had success with any recordings. On the app it shows that we have recordings but I can only play a few of them back. On the tv I have not been able to play back a single recording. 
When we look for the program the only way we can play one back is to go to the time it was on earlier and start it from the beginning. This then means we cannot forward or rewind at all. 
Also, when searching for the program we can pull it up but only see the recordings coming up. 

Since changing over we have been more than frustrated with Telus. I never thought changing from one company to another could result in having such poor service and options. 
We may be very close to changing back to Shaw.



Community Manager
Community Manager

I want to flag this to our devs. I've sent a private message your way. 🙂


Hi @Indy39 , I too switched (regrettably) from Shaw to Telus and have been kicking myself ever since. If I could go back in time, I would cancel during the 'trial period'. Nothing but headaches ever since and still lacking very basic functions. I'm referring to the 4k cloud recording TelusTv21T system.


I would suggest taking a look through this Forum and see the posts regarding the system shortcomings see if it's something you can live with...


I know what I would do! 😉