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Recording cannot be set... TelusTV-21T


Hi @Optik-Kate


Well, I wasn't going to post any new issues, because, well, what's the point, I haven't seen any improvements other than adding 15 days to the recording retention... But here we go, a new issue to add to the list...


Tues 21st Nov. CH301: Showcase 6 p.m. PST S2:E1 - The Lazarus Project.


Hit record viewing the guide and get the error message "Recording Cannot Be Set". This was for a single recording, but the series recording (surprise, surprise) doesn't work either, just comes up blank, as expected. It does show the 'red dot' when I view the TV guide, but is not showing in my "Scheduled Recordings", so who knows.


If can't even set a single recording (for this prog) then the cloud recording is, well, completely useless...


I did power cycle the STB, but no change.



you only got 15 extra days? i got 30 for a total of 75 days

Hi @Rocky3 sorry, I should have been clearer... I meant to say added another 15 days. The previous 15 day addition was back in Sept so now a total of 75. Great progress 🤣


Edit: Even that's not clear. What I really mean is added 15 days twice! Not fulfilled my caffeine intake yet this morning 😆



TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @MrSL I was able to replicate your experience on the guide where the single ep recording cannot be set. However, when I searched for The Lazarus Project in the search bar, I scrolled down to the "show" swimlane and selected The Lazarus Project's thumbnail, I was able to set the series recording from the show page. It shows on my scheduled recording as well! 


I will flag the cannot set single ep recording on the guide issue to the team. 


Also, to add to Rocky's comment, we did extend cPVR another 15 days, so we're at 75 days now. 

Hi @Optik-Kate , When you set the 'Series Recording' did you check in the schedule to see which episodes are listed to be recorded? Is it actually going to record tonight's show, cause mine isn't.


I did actually try to set a Series Recording (yesterday) it allowed me to set it, but it didn't start until S2:E2 so considered this another failure. I still can't record tonight's show... 😞


This is a major issue if we can't even record a single program.


Yes in all my excitement of having to post yesterday, I should have been clearer and clarified ... "adding another 15 days", so that's actually two improvements - yay! 😆


Happy Tuesday!



Silence is deafening @Optik-Kate ... Did your Series Recording start with S2:E1 in your 'Scheduled Recordings' which air's this evening?

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

You're right, I only see S2E2 in the scheduled recording. I wonder if it will record S2E1 anyway...?


That said, it looks like we have this show as a video on demand, so after it airs, the first episode will become available for viewing within 48 hours!

I like your optimism, but I think you'll agree, if we can't even record a program and we end up having to wait & watch programs once they come on 'demand' then it completely negates the whole recording system.

If I have to accept a full subscription service that only allows me to watch in real time or VOD,, I can get that thru a IPTV subscription elsewhere and pay MUCH LESS.
We are paying for a tier 1 service from a world class provider and getting NOTHING different than bottom level functionality and support.
Every person on this forum who has an issue should be calling 1-888-811-2323 to complain and demand compensation on our bills until this is resolved, or cancel.
I am sick and tired of this unreliable system and support.

I couldn't agree more! I also have not had basic FF or RW functionality since day one on either live TV, or recordings. For example, if I am watching a live football game and want to rewind to see how a play developed, I am not able to see the actual rewinding, the screen freezes and the rewind icon appears on the screen so I am simply guessing as to when to stop rewinding. That issue, the inability to do series recording, and having to reboot at least 1 of my 4 Optik boxes daily as I get this message and rebooting is the only way to fix the issue (although temporary): 

"Looks like something went wrong

Try the following:

  • Tune to another chännel or On Demand program
  • Reboot your box in Home.→ Settings - Device settings → Device Preferences → Reboot
  • Check your internet connection signal under Home → Settings - Device settings →
    Network and Internet
  • Check that all cables are connected properly, and make sure that you are using the TELUS-supplied HDMI cable and power supply
  • Use the TELUS Remote connected by Bluetooth (recommended)

If the problem persists, visit or try again later

Error code: ERR_PLAYER_P210"


Really appreciate (not!!!) paying for a service I'm not getting and being asked to be a beta tester without compensation.


Only 16 months left on my contract! Yay!

Yep, I have all those issues too.


The fact we don't have zoetropes (the ability to view picture in rewind or fast forward) is annoying to say the least. But according to Telus 'It's road mapped for the future"...


The "Looks like something went wrong" seems even more prevalent now.


Snap - only 16 months left for me too 😆


If the writers start writing and the actors start acting and we start setting series recordings. Well, the customer service people will be swamped with complaints.


Warning to Telus Optik TV.

New shows are starting January 1st. Series recordings had better start working.

Hi @Rocky3 well what are the chances of that happening, based on previous experience! 😂

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

It might not start working on Jan 1st, but we have an update coming this month to help with the series recording issue, especially for news!