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Playback limit has been reached. Too many TVs in your home are playing or delayed TV

Just Moved In
So I get this error from time to time. I go check with all the TVs (they are off and nothing is paused or being played).

I have no idea how to correct this. Eventually (usually the next day) it fixes itself.

There must be a way to stop this. It only happens on out bedroom TV at night.


I have same issue sometimes

Community Power User
Community Power User

This has been discussed in the past and this may be useful:


Solved: Too many devices?! - TELUS Neighbourhood

If you read that thread, they are not related and there is not a solution. It is not an app based problem. I've tried force closing the pik and the optik TV apps. In fact, I had to install the pik app as I had never heard of it.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Please provide more information. Are you using PikTV or Optik TV and if so what is your setup?