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unable to play recordings on non-Telus boxes with cloud PVR


I migrated to the Cloud PVR last night (was using the 4K PVR previously).  On the Android box, I can record and playback recordings, but when I use my Apple TV (ethernet) or iPad (WiFi) with the Telus TV+ app playing back a recording is restricted with a message "Recordings back only be played back on Optik TV box"


Aren't these supposed to be accessible from anywhere within Canada?



I have windows system and issues with online guide, playing/watching. 

It has become obvious we are beta testers while they work out the bugs in the software.

For now the home box working flawlessly is my priority concern

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @vancouver-user 


Cloud recordings should be playable on any device that supports TELUS TV+ as long as you're in Canada. If you are migrating from the local PVR to the cloud PVR, it may take up to 15 days for account synchronization to be complete. 


The best way to check would be to set a recording using your iPad or mobile phone using the TELUS TV+ app and see whether that recording appears on your TELUS TV Digital Box (Android box). If the recording does not appear, you will need to wait until the migration period has completed. Since Canada Post delivery timing and customer set-up time differs from person to person, a buffer of 15 days was set up so that you don't completely lose access to recording in the interim.