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Just Moved In

Are there any plans to give the iclould PVR more functionality?

I can’t record any local daily news as a series 

I can’t extend the record time for sporting events

Shaw’s PVR had no problem with these items. 

These are pretty basic things a PVR should do.

I’m switching from Shaw to Telus but if the PVR is this basic I may reconsider switching. 






I have the same issues along with the fact that the profiles on the boxes and the app just keep disappearing.  It is the worst TV I have had in my life.  Can't wait for my 2 years to be up so I can get rid of Telus

TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Cobra84, we're working on enabling recordings for local daily news as a series in the coming months. For sporting events, an auto-extension of 60 mins for all sports and 90 mins for tennis is available. In the future, we will be adding the ability to allow you to manually extend program recordings as well. 

Any chance this can be a manual change instead of an auto-extension? Seems pretty basic to be able to extend your recording.


Hi @Cobra84 I wouldn't hold your breath. Been her for over 7 months and these problems you mention have littered the forum ever since. In my experience the additional recording time Telus quote for sporting events doesn't or hasn't always worked either. The fact we STILL can't extend recordings manually is frankly ridiculous. I have missed the end on so many recordings I can't even count them. Just browse through some of the Forum posts and you can make an informed decision from there...


Like many others, I'm counting down the time for my contract to expire. If you're still within the trial period then I know what I would do 😏