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Optik tv using vpn in Canada


In February Telus blocked access to Optik tv outside of Canada using a vpn 

now home in Edmonton Telus has blocked access to Optik tv using a vpn with the server in Toronto 

telus what is your problem blocking access within Canada to Optik tv using a vpn 


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @Garygary 


As mentioned in the other thread - TELUS has blocked the use of VPNs at the direction of our content providers, as they only own the rights to distribute and play the content within Canada. There is no 'block VPNs outside of Canada' or 'don't block VPNs inside of Canada' in the content agreements and since VPNs are used to mask locations, the direction has been to block them holistically.


You will notice that many content providers and distributors including Shaw/Rogers, Bell/TSN and Netflix block access to certain programming in different parts of the world, and one mechanism to do this is by blocking international IPs and VPNs.  


It was mentioned in another thread that CRTC is not interested in VPN block for those outside Canada. File a complaint to CRTC and see if they are interested in VPN blocked while in Canada.