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Optik 4K n one TV only



Contrary to the Telus description below, (#2) I only have 4K channels available on one TV.  The only TV that gets 4K channels is the one connected to the PVR box.  The message on screen is that the station is only available on 4K boxes.  Does this mean I need to upgrade all the other Optik remote boxes in my house?


  1. A 4K TV that supports both HDMI 2.0 and High-bandwidth Digital Content Protection (HDCP) 2.2
  2. An Optik 4K PVR. The Optik 4K PVR allows you to record, pause and watch 4K programs and enables viewing and recording of programs on up to five additional TVs in the home
    The Optik 4K Wireless Digital Box provides the 4K experience for other 4K TVs in your home, in addition to being our latest generation digital box.
    : A 4K TV is not required for general HD television viewing
  1. The minimum Internet service required to watch 4K content is TELUS Internet 50. Included with the Optik 4K Offer, Internet 50 supports the improved picture quality that 4K delivers
  2. An HDMI cable that clearly indicates it is a High speed or Premium high speed cable