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Telus TV+

Hi I am a Telus subscriber since the upgrade from OptikTV to TelusTV+, I tried to "Cast/Screen share" from my tablet to my Smart TV and I get the Error message "Required Output Protections Are Not Active".
Reported it and Telus could not help and said they would put in a ticket and no one has gotten back to me yet.

I have tried every other tablet that I have, Samsung Tab A, E, Samsung Notebook Pro, Samsung Tab Active Pro and Huawei Media and my Samsung Smartphone.

Can't view on Smart TV, tried on several LG or Samsung built after 2018.
Can watch on the tablets and cellular but can't cast (smart view). Tried using an HDMI cable with my Tab Active Pro and phone and no luck. Telus had suggested using a different HDMI, which I purchased and tried today and that did not work either. Will be returning the new cables as it was a waste of my time and money.

As I said spent over an hour on the phone with Telus Tech and have not heard back. So disappointed with this new app. Please help.

Community Power User
Community Power User

Traditionally, casting from the Optik app was never possible. Same with trying to use HDMI from a mobile device. Broadcasters won't allow casting. I have not heard or seen anything that said that limitation has been removed.

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You must not have read my message. It worked when I was using OptikTV.

I am still waiting for Telus tech support or the app creator to get back to me.
Thanks for your response nonetheless.

TELUS Employee
TELUS Employee

Hi @Nancy88 


Casting, including chromecast, mirroring, Airplay, etc. were not supported on the Optik TV app and continue to not be supported on the TELUS TV+ app; this includes connecting phones/tablets via HDMI. If you were using this functionality prior to the update, I would classify it under 'bank error in your favor'; it wasn't meant to work. These limitations are in place due to copyright restrictions from our content providers. We are looking at adding Airplay and Chromecast to the TELUS TV+ app in the future when appropriate copyright protections are available - please stay tuned for updates.