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On demand credits

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I’m supposed to have 3 on demand credits but can’t find them. It says push the on demand button & go to the deals & coupons section but I can’t find it. When I try to pick a show my credit doesn’t show as an option.
Any ideas?


On demand, deals/coupons?

They used to give away free movies once in a while, not anymore apparently.

Community Manager
Community Manager

If you press the On Demand button, you should see a section that says 'Deals and coupons' (this option in the menu doesn't even appear if the account doesn't have any coupons on it) so that'd be where you'd find them. If they're not there, your best bet would be to reach out to our team directly at 1-888-811-2323 so they can investigate, as there'd be notes from any previous agent interactions and mention of the coupons offered.


I don’t see the deals & coupons when I’m on the On Demand screen/menu
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Community Manager
Community Manager

Then there may be an issue with the provisioning of the credits on your account. Reach out to our team as advised so they can investigate.