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OPTIK TV on Apple TV not taking Canadian feed


Anyone know why I can watch an American Station (eg CBS) TV on my apple TV  and not get interrupted by the Canadian feed. I.E If I watch football on a regular TV I get the CTV feed on the CBS station but if I watch the same thing on my Apple TV this does NOT happen - I am happy with this but it seems weird


Community Power User
Community Power User

Many of the US feeds have Canadian commercials replacing the American ones so you may not always get the exact content as broadcast by the American channel. It also comes down to licensing as well. If Bell (CTV/TSN) has the broadcast license for a certain game or series then Bell will put their feed in place of the American one. 

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Sorry I should have been a little more clear - what I meant was why does the feed NOT change if I use the OPTIKTV app on my Apple TV or the app on my IPAD. For examples I turned on my regular TV today to watch a football game on CBS. The feed was changed to CTV.  I decided to turn on my APPLE TV and use the OPTIK TV app and tuned it to the CBS station - the feed did NOT change over on the Apple TV.  Hence I posted this question

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I’ll make a wild guess: streaming channels are not subject to the same rules as broadcast channels. Optik on Apple TV or iPad is not subject to broadcast rules set by CRTC.

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