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Not what I was promised

Dave from Telus called to inform me that Telus now had fibre optics in my neighborhood, WestSprings Calgary. He said that if I was one of the first 1000 customers to sign up I would get a really good deal on a 2 year contract plus an added $300 credit. What I got was a $250 credit, a bill that was $35 higher than Dave promised and an Optik TV account that won’t allow me to reconfigure my theme packs. Anyone else putting up with this garbage?


Hi @WestSpringsUser I had a similar issue when I signed up through a salesman, although mine was in person. I was fortunate enough to have his cellphone number, but took multiple back and forth until I got close to what was promised. I ended up talking to accounting dept as I never got an updated contract and could not see the promised credit on my account.


I would give them a call, see if they can assist.

I did call and was put through to customer retention and loyalty department. I talked with a lady named Joan, she was very helpful.

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Finally got everything stop the way it was promised. Jenean and Joan from the customer loyalty department were extremely helpful. They explained that ALOT of issues being experienced right now is because this is a new service to my area plus they are upgrading their tv package. I am satisfied with their response and help.

I got what I was promised.

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Glad you got it sorted!