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Requested an additional Android TV Box 9 time now

Just Moved In

We were promised 7 boxes on signing by sales, and again by several of loyalty. The 7th box has never arrived. I have now called in 9 times with wait times often in excess of 3 hours each time as there have been several transfers often. It is very irritating when sales promises something and then it is not followed through. In our case we have a basement suite and need the 7 boxes to services both areas. How do we get what was promised in December???


TELUS Team Member
TELUS Team Member

Hi @MariK


There is a limit of 6 TELUS TV Digital Boxes per account (and a limit of 6 concurrent streams when connected to your home internet and 2 when not connected at home), so this is probably why you haven't been able to get another box sent - the ordering systems explicitly prevent an agent from adding more than 6. 


You have a couple of options: your basement suite tenant can sign up for their own services or you can leverage the TELUS TV+ app on a supported device ( The same concurrent stream limitations noted above apply to the TELUS TV+ app. You may also want to review the acceptable use section of your customer service agreement if you're providing service to a tenant.