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No additonal recording time added to LIVE / New sport's recording.


So I was daft enough to use a 'Series Recording' for the latest LPGA tournament thinking the recording and addition of extra recording time added had been improved and was working...


Err, no. No additional recording time to 'New / Live' recording Sat 27th 13:00 - 14:00 CH925 Golf Channel, why?


I guess it's back to scouring the guide and manually setting recordings plus the following broadcast so I don't miss anything. Beyond frustrating!


Rather than this attempt to 'band - aid fix' recording times, which is unreliable, when are we going to get the ability to modify start and finish times for recordings?



The icing on the cake:


I don't usually watch the 'replay' for programs cause of not being able to skip forward, but understand why. However after the failure to add additional time to yesterdays 'Live' LPGA golf recording I decided to watch the following program (broadcast yesterday) on replay, which was 3 hours long...


Just over 2 hours in and I get a ERR_PLAYER_P204 on playback. I'm pi**ed!




May I suggest "LPGA latest tournament youtube". Maybe find the ending missed.

I know this is not what we expect or want to do.

Of course lots of ways to view 'after the fact'.


Not the point though. We are all paying $$$ for this service, not unreasonable to think this would include being able to record with time modifications like other providers have been doing for years.


Telus just doesn't care about the service it provides and certainly not it's users. Just happy to keep taking our hard earned money whilst we are locked into contracts...


Still 15 months to go 😒


Of course, and by now you know I agree. 


But, if the contract was not met by both parties then it is a void contract, just saying